Ultimate Workout Split

Each Day Of The Week Is Dedicated To Training Specific Muscle Groups That Correlate Biologically. We’re Sculpting, Chiseling And Burning Every Day!


Legs + Core


This Day Is An Absolute Necessity When It Comes To Building A Well Rounded, (Pun Intended) Lower Body. Whether You’re Here To Build It Up Or Tone What Your Mama Gave You, You Can Guarantee That The Ultimate Workout Will Burn More Calories And Give You The Glutes + Legs You’ve Always Wanted.


Chest + Shoulders + Triceps

On Fire

Push It! Push It Real Good! By Working Your Chest, Vital For Protecting Your Heart, A Powerful And Chiseled Upper Body Will Show In Your V-Neck Shirt Year Round. Shoulders + Triceps Are Vital To Any Lateral, Overhead, And Pressing Movement… It’s Getting Hot In Here!


Back + Biceps + Abs


Flex On Us! We Will Be Burning Out Back + Biceps And Standing Taller By Building Up Those 6 Pack Abs + Muscles Surrounding Your Spine. Our Multifaceted Trainers Will Give You Wings And Bring The Fire With Their Personalized, Muscle Sculpting Workouts.


Glutes + Legs


We Hate To See You Go, But Today, We Love To Watch You Leave! Our Goal Is To Give You Glutes That Salute + Set Your Legs On Fire While Driving Your Heart Rate To Burn Fat And Build Lean Muscle That Will Have Every Head Turning!


Ultimate Body Party

Wild Fire

This Weekends Muscle Party Is Dedicated To The Most Effective + Efficient Full Body Workout You Have Ever Seen. In Club Ultimate Workout There Is Nothing Hotter Than A Weekend Hosted By Your Favorite Instructors, Heart Pumping Music & Lights With Friends That Are Passionate About Health, Fitness + You! It’S The Freaking’ Weekend, Time To Turn Up!



Ignite Your Spark

1. Go to our account menu and buy a
class package | Book your class.
2. Bring H20 | Wear workout attire + running
shoes | We’ve got the towels.
3. Arrive 5-10 minutes early | Leave everything
at the door | Bring the FIRE.


Let It Burn

1. Our state of the art
heart rate monitor
tracks your effort + calories
2. It’s YOU versus YOU. Bring It!
3. Embrace the energy | Fire it UP | Let your
flame burn BRIGHT.


The Other Side
of The Flame

1. Wind Down | Stretch It Out.
2. Hydrate + Protein
3. How Empowered Do You Feel Now?!
4. High Five Until Next Time, Rockstar!

In The Flame

Each class is strategically designed to combine the perfect mix of cardiovascular interval training with muscle chiseling resistance training in 60 crushing minutes, all while maintaining unparalleled safety. From beginning to end, you will be motivated by heart-pumping music, energy enhanced lighting, no judgment and your own fire! There is nothing more motivational than the spark that comes from within, igniting your flame and inner grit, pushing you to the next level of fitness.

How It Works

Your own personalized heart monitor allows you to track the progress + effort of your workout. The monitors, displayed on hd screens, will motivate you and push you to attain your ultimate workout. The monitor tracks your heart rate, calories burned, and intensity level – so you’ll know when you’re giving it your best. Check out our heart technology page for more information!