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Life Changing


Life Changing


Why The Ultimate Workout Is SO Effective


Burn up to 700 – 1,000+ calories. Our high intensity interval training will push you to your limits and leave you with results.

BETTER Coaches

Fierce, energetic, passionate coaches that have a burning desire to unlock and unleash the potential in you.

BETTER Community

There ain’t no fam like the UW FAM. One class, one heartbeat, one family!


Cardio | Station 1


Ride | Station 2

Strength Training

Lift | Station 3

Heart Rate Monitor

Track Your Progress & Accountability

Your own personalized heart monitor allows you to track the progress + effort of your workout. The monitors, displayed on hd screens, will motivate you and push you to attain your ultimate workout. The monitor tracks your heart rate, calories burned, and intensity level – so you’ll know when you’re giving it your best. Check out our heart technology page for more information!

Our Methodology

What Is The Ultimate Workout?

Each class is strategically designed to combine the perfect mix of cardiovascular interval training with muscle chiseling resistance training in 60 crushing minutes, all while maintaining unparalleled safety.

From beginning to end, you will be motivated by heart-pumping music, energy enhanced lighting, no judgment and your own fire!

There is nothing more motivational than the spark that comes from within, igniting your flame and inner grit, pushing you to the next level of fitness.

New Members

First Time With Us?

Read our quick guide on what to expect during your first workout.



Nutrition is an incredibly big part of reaching your health or fitness goals. We have a number of great resources to support your success. Reach out anytime for a free consultation with our trusted nutrition partner, Nutrishop Omaha.