Ultimate Heart Rate
Technology System

Strap on your heart rate band. You’re ready to roll. This specialized heart monitor allows you to track your progress + effort. The monitors, displayed on all 6 of our 55” hd screens to motivate you to attain your ultimate workout. As you’re bringing the heat, your heart rate rises, zone colors transform and incinerate those calories. Check your ultimate points – push it to compete against your class or yourself.

Ultimate Workout Prides Itself On Your Safety. The Use Of A Heart Rate Monitor Is Imperative To This Workout + It Is The Basis Of Your Burn. Knowing Your Burn Zones + Pushing Through Each Zone Is What Ignites Your Metabolism To Intensify + Increase Your Energy Levels Throughout Your Day. Ultimate Workout’S Fire Begins By Burning Calories In Class And Ignites Your Metabolism To Keep Burning Well Into The Night. You’Ve Started The Fire!


Ultimate points are awarded based on the amount of minutes spent in each heart rate zone and based on the following criteria:


00% – 60%

1 Intensity Point Per Minute


60% – 70%

2 Intensity Points Per Minute


70% – 80%

3 Intensity Points Per Minute


80% – 90%

4 Intensity Points Per Minute


90% – 100%

5 Intensity Points Per Minute

The Bands

Purchase A Personal Heart Rate Band From The Ultimate Workout Or Bring Your Own Ant+ Compatible Heart Rate Monitor That Syncs With Our State-Of-The-Art Workout Monitoring Network.

The Results

Ultimate Workout Results Are Monitored For You Through Our Network. You Will Receive An Email Of Your Class Stats Post-Workout Or Check Out How Hot Your Flame Burned On Our Free App.

The Results Explained

​+ Average Heart Rate During Class
​+ Calories Burned
​+ #IAMFIRE Class Rank
​+ Ultimate Points Awarded

UW Challenges

Be on the look out for challenge + themed classes based on Ultimate Points Earned + Calories Burned!