First Timers

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Before The Class

When You First Arrive

Wear your favorite workout gear + bring a water bottle. You will be assigned a position in the Fire Studio before class begins. Your Ultimate Instructor will bring you into the studio 10 minutes before the class to explain how to safely and effectively use our Spin Bikes, Treadmills and FitBenches.

We’re here to help

Meet Your Ultimate Instructor

​Our knowledgeable, fierce, energetic trainers are passionate about health + fitness + safety and have a burning desire to unlock and unleash the potential of you. We want you to have a safe and efficient workout at your own skill level.

During The Workout

It’s Time To Fire It Up

After The Workout

The Other Side of The Flame

Your heart rate is captured during class, so you’ll know when you’re pushing yourself to be your best. Once you’ve spiked your metabolism, you’ll keep shredding calories even after class is over..

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