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Meet Omaha's Best

Fitness Instructors

Meet Omaha's Best

Fitness Coaches

Corey Young

If you want to get in shape, Corey is your guy. He’s been running the nutrition + supplement game for more than 10 years, making sure you’re feeling your best so you can perform your best. Corey loves to train like his Cornhusker football days, so get ready to leave everything you’ve got in the FIRE studio. Ultimate Workout is his dream made a reality! Club-like setting + top notch equipment + control over the music has Corey on Cloud 9. Corey’s a devoted husband + father to two children.

Jaclyn Taylor

With roots in the Chicago suburbs, Jaclyn came to Omaha 6 years ago to play volleyball at Creighton and has since found her home. After graduating with a degree in biomechanics from the University of Nebraska Omaha and with her volleyball career closing, she was looking for a way to stay in shape. UW brought her just that and so much more – a family, community, and killer workouts. As a current physical therapy student, Jaclyn has a passion for helping people reach and sustain their goals. Expect high energy, fast-paced classes that will always make you feel your best not just in the studio, but in life!

Johnson Lawson

Johnson is no stranger to the fitness game. This stud has been in the industry for more than 15 years. You might know him as the Glute Whisperer, or more than likely you’ve seen him training one of your personal trainers or coaching your kid’s sports team. Bodybuilding since 2006 and crowned Mr. Natural Nebraska in 2014, Johnson can get you in shape in his sleep. He’s a husband to one badass woman + tribe leader to 4 all-star kids, who inspire him to live a selfless life. Get ready to turn up in Johnson’s class!

Kyle Fries

Kyle was born and raised in Omaha, played football for Westside High School and went on to play football and graduated from Midland University. He continued his athletic career by playing two seasons of indoor football for the Omaha Beef. Throughout his career in football, he developed a passion for being a part of a team and personal training. He believes group fitness is such a great way to push yourself harder and further than you ever thought you could. In this environment cultivated by like-minded people we are all striving for the same goal: to be better than yesterday. You can count on Kyle’s classes to have A-game music, a lot of energy, and a team mindset led by someone who cares about you and your goals!


Carlos Romero

Carlos gives your workout purpose + turns the fire studio into your very own world. With a Hip Hop instructing background; loud music and fun is his jam! Driven and inspired from the positivity surrounding him, this stud founded his own apparel line. His expertise as a personal trainer means your form will always be improving. Mental and physical health are a priority in his life, which he is thrilled to share with others!


Amanda is a Nebraska native who has had a passion for health and wellness since she was a little girl doing step aerobics with her dad in the basement. She believes fitness can be anything you want it to be, and that it should be something you want to do, not something you have to do.

Amanda loves music and the community that Ultimate Workout brings.

Amanda is very passionate about helping others feel good and find happiness. She believes that when you feel good, you do better in life. To Amanda, a healthy lifestyle is more than just lifting weights—it’s about stretching, warming up, eating healthy, and ensuring your body gets the rest and sleep it needs.

Amanda enjoys showing others what their bodies can achieve with hard work. Her goal is to help you reach a balanced lifestyle that minimizes future health-related issues.

“Let sweat be our sparkle!” :sparkles: ~ Amanda

amanda, a coach at ultimate workout