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Frequently Asked Questions

The Workout

The Ultimate Workout is the best hour of your day. Todd Smith has combined the perfect mix of cardiovascular interval training with muscle-chiseling resistance + strength training in 60 crushing minutes, with supportive and knowledgeable coaches maintaining unparalleled safety. This is the no judgment zone, where leaving it all at the door + heart pumping music + electrifying lights collide for the perfect environment to spark your determination, burn fat, and gain muscle.

Our workouts are designed for all fitness levels; beginner or advanced, you are a superstar. Wear workout gear and bring a water bottle. You will be assigned a position in the Fire Studio before class begins. Your Ultimate Instructor will bring you into the studio 10 minutes before the class to explain how to safely and effectively use our Spin Bikes, Treadmills and FitBenches. Our lights and music start low and ignite to a nightclub atmosphere to get you going. Every class is high intensity interval training where you can burn up to 1,000 calories or more. We combine Biking + Running to mix up your cardio and boost your metabolism. To sculpt muscle and lean out, our resistance and weight training trusts dumbbells + medicine balls + kettle bells + resistance bands. Your heart rate is captured during class, so you’ll know when you’re pushing yourself to be your best. Once you’ve spiked your metabolism, you’ll keep shredding calories even after class is over.

Interval training is a style of training in which we alternate between exercises and intensity levels with the purpose of fluctuating the heart rate, burning calories, and raising your metabolism.

Just a few…Fat Burning + Increased Metabolism + Increased Muscle Definition + Increased Endurance + Increased Strength + Improved Coordination + Stress Release (YES!) + Healthy Heart. You need this challenge!

Check out our workout page of what muscle group you’ll be sculpting and chiseling each day of the week.

Yes, we’ve got your back! Our workouts are designed for all fitness levels – no experience needed! Our Ultimate instructors offer modifications on every exercise to meet your needs. We promise you’ll be so proud of yourself after just one class!

The Schedule

Create an account online HERE. Once you have created an account, follow the steps to reserve your first Ultimate Workout class on us through the Ultimate Workout App or online!

Yes, we have 4 classes, 8 classes and 12 classes per month packages…and our most popular – the Ultimate Unlimited package! Check with our front desk and we will give you all the details you need to make a decision.
You can reserve a class on a first come first serve basis 30 days ahead. Book online or through the Ultimate Workout App!
If you are running late and we have not given your spot away to the waitlist, we will check you in + help you find a spot without disrupting the class.
Don’t break our heart! Reservations may be canceled without penalty 10 hours before the scheduled class by logging into your online account. If you do not cancel with enough notice or miss a scheduled class, you will be charged for the class. We want everyone to have a spot to party at the Ultimate Workout!

Why keep all the fun to yourself?! Hit us up at iamfire@ultimateworkout.com and we will customize a package to get the party started!

The Equipment

Our Ultimate Coaches will get you set up on our state of the art cardio equipment – you will have it down in no time. Remember, everyone was a beginner at some point! If it’s your first time, please arrive 20 minutes before class and we’ll break it down for you, no problem.

Our heart rate monitor technology is for you to track the intensity of your workout and keep you safe. Strap on a band and our monitors will show your heart rate and the correlating color zone. As you raise the bar and increase the effort, the color will change and will flash how many calories you’re burning. Points will be awarded based on how many minutes you can spend in each of five zones – with the most points earned when you’re pushing towards your max heart rate. The person with the most Ultimate Points awarded in the Fire Studio wins the class. Let your inner flame burn! Check out our heart rate page for a full breakdown on each zone.

Nope! Heart Rate monitors are available to purchase at the Ultimate Workout front desk if you want to compete in the Ultimate Workout Fire studio. You can also bring your favorite ANT+ compatible heart rate monitor and we will sync it to our system.

The Facility

We do. Feel free to come directly before or after work. We have space for you to change and/or shower. We also provide towels, vanity, and body products.

Ultimate Workout is located 1 block north of 76th and Dodge Street on the Southeast corner of 76th and Cass Street. Look for the blue flame & get ready to push it!