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Sept 2019 | Elizabeth R.

“I lost 41 Ibs, which means I went down four pant sizes and three shirt sizes! Most of all, I gained the confidence I never had before! It still amazes me when I think about losing 41 lbs.”

How did I get here, “2018…My coming to Jesus year regarding my health?”

I had just left my 1-year post-cancer checkup, and maybe I should have celebrated the fact that I was still cancer-free, but the only thing I could focus on, was the check-in statistics showing unpleasant numbers on the scale, and how my blood pressure was at a very unhealthy level. How did I get here? What was the point of celebrating my “cancer-free” diagnosis, if I was living so unhealthy!

I sat in my car, staring at the paper with my stats (weight, blood pressure, etc.) and, wondering how I got there, how could I have let myself go like that? I made a decision that day that I would never be there again.

I was scrolling through my Facebook on break at work and ran across an Ad about the Ultimate Workout. I watched a couple of videos and saw that I could try it for free. I filled out the info but didn’t follow through with setting up an appointment or class time. That’s my MO: the want to do something, but the doubt about actually doing something like that.

My first class was the Saturday before Easter. I got so much out of being there. From the energy in the room to all the people giving words of encouragement and reassurance, I was in awe! That was it. I signed on the dotted line. Although I couldn’t walk or move normally for a week after my first class, I was so blown away by the new energetic atmosphere, that even the burn couldn’t keep me away!

I set a goal to lose 40 lbs and achieve an “in-range” BP in one year and I got to work. When I went to my 2-year post-cancer checkup this year in July, I was so excited to step on that scale and see the numbers on that BP machine. I beat my goal by 1 lb, and I hadn’t seen the numbers on the BP machine since high school! I lost 41 Ibs, which means I went down four pants sizes and three shirt sizes. Most of all, I gained the confidence I never had before! It still amazes me when I think about losing 41 lbs. I was amazed! I did it!

Let me state that again; I DID IT!

The burn in my belly before the start of class extends to each of my limbs by the end. It has been a welcome feeling. It truly has become a new way of life for me!

I cannot thank Ultimate Workout enough for welcoming me into such a great family. Everyone has been truly amazing; the passion and commitment the staff has for people’s fitness and health shine through. I can feel it the minute I walk through the door! I’m so happy to be a part of the Ultimate Workout family. I understand that it’s a fitness center, but I never knew being physically fit could do so much for me mentally! I’m looking forward to another year of goals, with the most amazing gym family around!!

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