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colleen, a member of omaha's ultimate workout gym
This place is incredible. I think if I had trained like this in my younger years, like I am now, the success I would have had as a student-athlete, it would have been incredible.

Ultimate Workout is a place where for one hour, it’s you and your goals. And truly, you can’t think about outside stressors. The push and the goals and the movement, the coaching staff, and then the people next to you. Everyone is like-minded, and we all have the same goal. I feel incredible. There are times where you’re like, “Whoa, did I really just do that?” The rest of the day is seamless. When you achieve your goals at a place like this, you know that it’s long-lasting because it’s a commitment, and it’s discipline. It’s not an easy fix. You are actually doing work to create the results.