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Why You Should Do HIIT Training!


HIIT cardio or “high-intensity interval training” is the best way to melt fat, build muscle, and stay happy and healthy!
HIIT cardio is performed by alternating periods of very intense exercise and recovery periods or breaks. By using fast twitch muscles fibers, your body is able to provide bigger and more powerful force than when using other muscle fibers. These fibers also fatigue quickly which is why recovery in between periods of HIIT is needed.
So why should you choose HIIT over other forms of exercise?

Burn More Fat

HIIT training burns fat almost twice as effectively as other forms of exercise such as steady state cardio (like jogging). This provides more results in less time for busy professionals and students! In addition, HIIT will minimize metabolic adaptation, which is the process through which your body slows the metabolism to adjust to demands, subsequently burning fewer calories over time.
The unique way that HIIT targets fat loss is through depleting glycogen (the energy your body uses from carbs you eat) and therefore burning fat for additional energy. Because of its intensity, HIIT will even have your body burning fat for the hours following your workout as well!

Other Benefits

For those of you who struggle with hunger and cravings, HIIT has been proven to reliably decrease hunger and increases fullness from food you eat. You’ll also find that unlike steady state cardio, HIIT can help you build muscle because of its intense nature. Just think about the body of a sprinter vs. a long-distance runner and the difference becomes clear! To maximize your body’s ability to build and retain muscle, consider adding a BCAA during your workout. As a bonus BCAAs will help keep you hydrated with electrolytes!
HIIT’s positive benefits don’t stop at muscle gain and fat loss. HIIT is also the best way to increase your cardiovascular health and endurance which increases longevity. It has also been proven to release serotonin which can help you feel happier and less anxious!

Tips for Doing HIIT

Avoid plateauing by continuing to improve over time and setting new goals, being sure to avoid the setback of injury by practicing mobility and paying attention to your form when exercising. Remember that when fatigued, the body tends to sacrifice form. Stay mindful of this fact!
Mind your stress levels. HIIT is a natural stressor (although a good one) on the body, so make sure you’re managing stress in other parts of your life in order to properly perform and recover. Consider a supplement like Ultimate Mind if you find your mood or focus tends to dip throughout the day.
If you’re looking to try a HIIT style workout, we suggest jumping into our Ultimate Workout studio for a complimentary workout to make sure it is in line with the goals you are trying to achieve.
Already a member? Then you know what HIIT style training is all about. When the lights drop and music hits, get ready to burn brighter on the other side.