Burner Of The Month

Sept 2021 | Lauren D.

At the age of 3 I started the sport of gymnastics. By 8 years old I was spending 20+ hours a week in the gym. My entire childhood was spent conditioning in order to be the best gymnast I could be. I quickly lost interest in working out, as my body was burnt out. At the age of 17 I quit gymnastics and began to find myself again.

Throughout college I was always trying to find new and exciting ways to stay active. I worked out at my university’s rec center, participated in intramurals, and tried different local gyms. After graduating college I knew I needed to get in shape and find a gym that challenged me. I tried Ultimate Workout for the first time in February of 2020. I was in town from Kansas City visiting my fiancé and he insisted that I tried.

After my first workout in February of 2020 I was hooked. I knew that when I made the move to Omaha, Ultimate would be the first place I would join. Unexpectedly, I ended up moving back to Nebraska after Covid-19 shut down the U.S in March of 2020. Once restrictions were lifted I was finally able to start going to Ultimate everyday. I quickly started loving working out again.

Today, after being a member for over a year I truly couldn’t imagine my life without Ultimate Workout. This gym has inspired me to be the best version of myself. I finally have the confidence I never have had inside of a gym. I wake up every morning excited to start my day at Ultimate!

I can confidently say that there is no other gym that will motivate, challenge, and encourage you more than Ultimate Workout. It truly doesn’t get much better than knowing everyday you walk into the gym, you’ll have a support system that always has your back.

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