Burner Of The Month

June 2021 | JESSICA R.

I was at a large chain gym complacent, bored and unproductive. After 2020 took havoc on my mental health and physical health from being a healthcare worker I needed something different. I wanted to feel positive again physically and mentally. I had tried a class back in 2019 (still kicking myself for not signing up then) but decided to do another. I loved it, it was fast paced, being able to rotate kept it interesting and the environment was only about bettering yourself.

Ultimate is one hour a day that I get to leave everything outside the doors and focus on me. I get to focus on being better than the day before. It gives me the routine and consistency that I need to be the healthiest physically and mentally. For someone who absolutely despised running, there are some days I actually look forward to it now. I still roll my eyes once or twice while on the treadmill but that feeling of accomplishing a new speed or time is so rewarding. I love feeding off the energy from the girls greeting you with a smile when you walk in at 5am or the encouragement (sometimes kick in the butt) from the instructors.

Now I am down inches, pounds and body fat percentage! Which is great but having a positive relationship with my physical and mental health has been the best part about joining Ultimate Workout. Having a positive relationship with food has brought a newfound discipline to my life, even though I dream of that cheat meal all week long. Heck, I don’t schedule myself on Wednesdays so I can hit the 12pm cardio & ab class! Abs are not my favorite, but they aren’t going to make themselves!

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