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November 2021 | ERICA B.

If someone told me 9 years ago that by the age of 40 I would be pregnant 5 times, have 4 deliveries, start a private speech therapy practice and decide to home school my kids, I would’ve agreed I was up for the challenge. However, if they also would’ve had said I would completely stop exercising and begin to experience years of postpartum anxiety, panic attacks, and at times depression I would’ve thought, no way.

Throughout my 20’s I had become more health conscience; I ate healthy, enjoyed running, and completed a variety of half and full marathons, my favorite one being the Pikes Peak Ascent in Colorado Springs. I was healthy and strong and physical health was important to me.

However, after I had my first baby it became hard for me to allow myself to go exercise or do lots of the things I was used to doing before becoming a mom. As I added babies my diet began to suffer and I was surviving on a lot of caffeine and sugar. I began to experience postpartum anxiety, although I didn’t know what it was at the time, and by the time my 3rd child was 1 years old I was having regular panic attacks. I went on to try lots of different ways to manage the anxiety, trying to avoid medication. After getting pregnant 2 more times and having my 4th baby in November of 2020 my physical and mental health were a mess. I felt like I had completely lost myself as a person and didn’t recognize myself physically.

It took me until the end of May 2021 to reach out to Corey. I was experiencing a lot of physical joint pain, postpartum anxiety and depression, and felt completely uncomfortable in my body. I met him at UW on June 7th and took my first class on June 9th. I haven’t missed a week of working out since and have never felt as strong and capable of my goals as I do now.

My intentions were to get back in shape, to lose weight, and to start eating healthy again. What I didn’t realize was how much my brain needed the exercise and the classes at UW. Every class I complete encourages me to keep going, to try harder next time, to push myself when I’m not in class, and to keep my mental and physical health in the forefront of my goals. I run my own business, have 4 young kids, and home school. I love the time I have with them, but the time I spend away from them at UW allows me to clear my head, release stress, and feel empowered to get through the week. Since June, UW has become a huge piece of my support system and although the physical workout is changing the way my body looks and feels, it’s the positive environment, the trainers, and the people in each class that has changed my mental health. I am so grateful for UW that I feel like myself again, physically and mentally.

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