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That is not something I would have been able to say six months ago. 10 out of 10, highly recommend this place.

Before coming to Ultimate Workout, I had a pretty good understanding of group fitness and what to expect out of it, or so I thought. I had previously been an instructor at a different group fitness gym in town for a few years and even went on to try another facility for a little over a year after I decided to stop instructing. Life took some turns and I was only making it to class 2-3 times per week when my standard for a while had been 5-6. I couldn’t seem to find the motivation or excitement anymore.
I have a good friend that has been a member at Ultimate for a long time that suggested I come in and give it a shot. I was hesitant at first, but once I walked into the classroom I instantly fell in love with the vibe. I wasn’t ever big on running, so I assumed I would give this place a shot for about a month and be looking for something else in the meantime, I just couldn’t see myself coming around to getting into running. Once I realized how in shape the majority of the members at Ultimate were, I stopped looking around for other gyms and decided push through my mental block and start to improve my running skills.
I decided to join one of the challenges they had coming up (which are always free to members, which is awesome and I think helps encourage a much larger portion of members to participate) and surprised myself at how well I did. I had constant encouragement from every instructor and was constantly pushed once they got to know me and what I am capable of. This is EXACTLY the type of environment I needed to be in to get myself back into the shape I was in before.
After the first challenge ended, I realized I had lost a decent amount of weight and my energy levels were getting back to where they were seven years ago! I obviously couldn’t stop there. Coming to Ultimate classes has become a very regular thing for me and I have definitely seen the results that come along with that. I came in at 229 pounds and I recently weighed myself at 193 pounds. That’s 36 pounds down and I have to imagine there’s even some muscle gain in there. I still have some work to do, but I am well on my way and can’t see how I could possibly fail with this group of instructors, the club-like vibe and consistent members showing up and pushing me whether they even know they are or not.
I am a realtor full-time and my work schedule is ever changing. The amount of class times they offer on a daily basis make it so much easier for me to make sure I can get into a class every day. I have done some drop-ins at other gyms and I honestly just can’t seem to find anything that really compares. Sure, there are other group fitness gyms that play loud music, but none that I have come across that have the lighting, the mirrors or the energy that Ultimate Workout offers.
I tried to keep this short but there are just so many great things to be said about this gym! I have increased my physical fitness so much in my short year here that I signed up for the Spartan Beast Race and feel confident that I will actually finish it with a decent time. That is not something I would have been able to say six months ago. 10 out of 10, highly recommend this place.