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leigh from ultimate workout
This place is incredible. I think if I had trained like this in my younger years, like I am now, the success I would have had as a student-athlete, it would have been incredible.

Meet Leigh, a dedicated member of our UW family since September 2017—when we first opened our doors!

Through the years, Leigh’s journey has been nothing short of inspiring. From welcoming two beautiful kids to training for a marathon and triathlon, she’s shown that our workouts can adapt to meet you wherever you are in life or your fitness goals.

Leigh shares, “It’s almost an addicting place. You want to come here. The people are nice, the coaches are great, you don’t have to think about what you’re going to do for a workout this day.”

Leigh and her husband both juggle busy schedules, but they make it work—trading off mornings to each get their 3x-a-week workouts in.

Ultimate Workout has been there with Leigh through all her goals and big life moments, and we’re incredibly grateful for her ongoing commitment. Our UW family is truly something special!

Thank you, Leigh, for sharing your inspiring journey with us!