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I am beyond grateful that I got up the courage to try out a class because I can’t imagine my life without it now.

I had lived a healthy lifestyle in high school and in my early 20’s, but I had a rude awakening that “staying” in shape was getting harder as I got older.  I’d go through episodes of working out, but would never stick with it and found any excuse to stop.
I found Ultimate Workout and was able to keep a routine. Once Covid hit, I was out of that routine and reached an all-time high of 173 lbs.  With my wedding 8 months away, I had to kick it in gear and get my mind and body in shape.

The physical and mental push UW gives me with each and every class is the most rewarding thing I’ve ever been a part of. Never in my life have I been EXCITED to go to the gym.  When the lights go down and the music starts, you don’t even think about the crappy day you just had.  UW has the most amazing instructors that push you to limits you never thought your body could reach.

Promising myself to attend 2-3 Ultimate Workout classes a week and with the help of a nutritionist, I ended up hitting my wedding goal 3 months early!  I am down 25 pounds and have never felt more mentally and physically strong than I do now.  I haven’t been in this good of shape since I was in High School.  I look forward to coming to each class and getting my butt kicked.  I am so glad I found UW and will forever be grateful for what it has done for me!