Restore Classes

Take a break from high-intensity workouts and give your body the TLC it deserves with our Restore Classes series. Join us for guided warmups, muscle activation exercises, foam rolling, and stretching to help improve your mobility, flexibility, and overall wellbeing.

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No Pressure, No Strings and No Commitment

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Multiple weekly times

Classes are limited to 10 Spots.

Mon + Thur 7:30am

Tues + Wed 10:15am

Saturday's 11am

Relax & restore your body



Our Restore Classes are more than just a simple stretch – it’s a chance to connect with your body, calm your mind, and release tension. With expert guidance and personalized attention, you’ll leave class feeling great.



Are you feeling sore, stiff, or tired after a tough workout? Our Restore Classes are here to help you recover. Through a combination of dynamic warmups, foam rolling, and targeted stretching, we’ll help you recover faster and feel better than ever before.



Foam rolling is a self-massage technique that can release muscle tension, improve flexibility, and aid recovery. By applying pressure with a foam roller to targeted areas, you can increase blood flow, break up adhesions, and reduce soreness. Incorporate foam rolling into your routine for better body care.


all angles

Regular stretching can enhance your mobility, flexibility, and reduce injury risk. It also helps with post-exercise recovery. Add it to your routine to move better, feel better, and perform better – for all fitness levels.

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