Welcome to the
Ultimate Workout

I love people! And, I love the fire and synergy that is created in group exercise. With the perfect combination of motivational coaching, heart-pumping beats, brilliant, energetic lighting; paired with state of the art exercise equipment, I’ve spared no expense in creating the most conducive environment to achieving the ultimate result in a workout that’s possible.

Along with the dynamic facility, i have poured my heart and soul into the development of the exercise programming and overall experience of the client. The ultimate workout will deliver the most spectacular results in the least amount of time, while always making your health and safety our primary goal.

Yours in health,
Todd Smith

The Facility

We’ve spared no expense when it comes to your ultimate workout experience. Our fire studio provides top of the line exercise equipment, state-of-the-art heart rate monitors, heart pumping music and night club lighting effects. This is the perfect environment to spark your determination, burn fat + gain muscle.



Meet the Ultimate Workout Crew

​Our knowledgeable, fierce, energetic trainers are passionate about health + fitness + safety and have a burning desire to unlock and unleash the potential of you. We want you to have a safe and efficient workout at your own skill level.


Corey Young

Co-Founder / Operator / Instructor

Johnson Lawson

Founding Instructor/Master Trainer

Mauro Siso

Founding Instructor

Sarah Riva

Founding Instructor

Feel the Fire

Ultimate workout delivers high intensity, muscle chiseling, cardiovascular interval training that will change how you think of fitness. It’s cardio on fire! Ultimate workout is a heart rate driven, high energy class focusing on the details that get lost with typical group fitness programs. This results driven exercise program will challenge + motivate you every step of the way and deliver the best workout that you’ve ever experienced!


Fire Studio Equipment