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Do Your 99 Excuses Outweigh Your One Reason Why?

Your why fuels your what and you have to be willing to do whatever it takes to reach your goals and live the life you want to live.

Do you hate how it’s getting darker earlier?
Me too

Do you hate how it already feels like winter?
Me too

Being dedicated and disciplined is doing what you need to do when you don’t want to! It’s easier to get up + hit your workout + work + come home and have a bounce in your step when the sun is in the sky and the birds are chirping.

Can you still have the same discipline and dedication when the days are short and nights are long?

Can you stay dedicated and disciplined when it’s 10° outside rather than 80°?

Here’s what we aren’t going to do, we aren’t going to let our Thanksgiving feast become a downward spiral with our nutrition and fitness through the end of the year. We’ve been fooled too many times to fast forward and wake up January 2 realizing we just blew it.

What if there was a way to hold ourselves more accountable so we can finish the year stronger than we started it?

There is a way. It’s called the IAmFire End of Year Challenge. We hold each other accountable for 8 weeks requiring one another to workout 3x per week. Throughout this challenge we are re-committing to a healthy lifestyle where we can still let loose during the holidays but crush our goals the other 50+ days.

The best part, it’s completely FREE, with $1,000 being given away at the finish line. When the clock for this year hits midnight, will you be able to say you finished the year stronger than you started it? Or is it going to be another year where we miss the mark and blow the game?

IAmFireChallenge.com for further details!